The idea of National Technology started in 1996 by a service engineer in the Bayer Diagnostics (A manufacturer of Laboratory Analyzers), who recognized the need for information technology in medical laboratories in the Middle East. Mohamed El Shahed, aged 27 years then, started to study the benefits that current information technologies can provide to clinical laboratories and studied available products in the advanced markets. He searched for investors that can invest in a product that didn’t even exist in the region, then for young talented software developers to make the idea a reality.

By 1997, National Technology was born with a goal to provide Laboratory Information Systems and by end of 1997 the first simple LIS developed by National Technology was installed in Egypt. In 1998, the first analyzer was interfaced to the LIS and by 1999 National Technology took its current legal shape and started a true success story.

Now, National Technology is a leading LIMS market player with a customer base of more than 230 customers, including the biggest entities in the private and public health sector in Egypt, also operating in other countries in MENA region and Africa (KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Sudan and Nigeria).


National Technology is a supplier of integrated laboratory and clinical information systems for the healthcare industry. We are committed to combining the most effective technologies, innovative designs, and production methodologies to create user friendly, robust and cost effective solutions that enhance productivity, competitiveness and fulfill the operational needs of our clients.National provide world class laboratory LIS, LIMS and Middleware software as well as Blood Bank Software.


• Provide technological innovations for a healthier and safer society.
• Achieve medical software Industry leadership locally and internationally.
• Achieve continuous growth and profitability.
• Provide better job opportunities for distinctive professionals.