Annual Day – 17th March 2017

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Annual Day for National Technology…A day to celebrate and remember the past achievements and look forward to the journey ahead!

Cancun beach and resort Sokhna was chosen as the venue for this year’s event to set the stage for unveiling the journey and what we aspire to achieve in the years to come.

The day started with a speech by the General Manager addressing on the journey so far and how the organization has evolved by diversifying its offerings & geographical reach along with the use of innovation & cutting edge technology.

This was followed by Employee Rewards & Recognition (R&R) - Four awards were distributed for significant service tenures in the organization (1 for 15 years & 3 for 5 years) and 15 awards for Outstanding Performances during the year comprising of ‘Team of the Year’, ‘Business Excellence’ & ‘Operational Excellence’.

The day ended with the employees gearing up for outdoor adventure sports like swimming, soccer and Bing Bong.

After a long fun filled day at Cancun beach and resort, the team gathered together and proceeded for Cairo!!!

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