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MEDLAB Exhibition Dubai 06-09 February, 2017

  Year after year at MEDLAB, as the exhibition increases in size, hosting new country pavilions and the latest IVD and medical laboratory equipment from across the globe, the visiting audience numbers increase dramatically. With 26,376 visitors in 2016, from 101 countries, it is clear that MEDLAB is the annual meeting place for the industry,…
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webLDM is finally here,,NT announces webLDM release!

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,NT announces WebLDM release!
On 24th march 2015, national technology announced the official release of its new product “webLDM” the web version of the market leader the “laboratory data manager”.
The product was announced in a prestigious event at Grand Nile Tower, Cairo that witnessed the attendance of a huge group of the laboratory and health sector leaders in Egypt and MENA region.


The prime minister visit to Ain Shams University Hospitals

Dr. Sahar Ezz Elarab , Assistant director of Ain shams University Hospitals explaining the automated system implemented by National Technology for the Hospitals labs to Eng. Mehleb, the prime minister during his visit to the Ain Shams University hospitals.
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Eng. Mossad Saber, MICT electronic health projects manager

The Egyptian TV hosted Eng. Mossad Saber, MCIT (Ministry of communication and Information Technology) electronic health projects manager to talk about the automation of the HIO (Health Insurance Organization) labs conducted by National Technology and how this project helped a lot of people in Egypt to easily get their lab results. Also Eng. Mosaad, talked about…
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The social gathering held by National Technology at Borj-Khalifa,

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Dubai-Jan, 2015, National technology would like to thank all the clients
, partners and visitors from (Egypt, Dubai, KSA, Qatar, Palestine, Indonesia, Nigeria, Iraq) who came and shared this special time in the social gathering held at Borj-Khalifa in Dubai.


National Technology launches its Facebook page

National Technology as the leading Laboratory Information Management systems company in Egypt and the Middle East ,also serving in other 7 countries  is committed to satisfy the customers needs wherever they are and whenever they need them. Accordingly we decided to launch our Facebook page in order to make the customers and prospects able to: Get in contact…
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National Technology at Arab Health 2015

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For the 5th consecutive year, National Technology is participating in Arab Health Med Lab in Dubai International Exhibitions and conventions center from 26-29 January 2015. The Arab Health exhibition is one of our favorite and most important industry events. this year National Technology was the only Egyptian company specialized in( Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS) and point of care testing ) exhibiting at Arab Health 2015.

The Exhibition was a great success for us and we were able to connect with more than 700 visitors from  Egypt, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Pakistan, Indonesia, India and Italy.

We discussed with our clients and prospects , the new version of the Market leader the (LDM) which is the web version that is planned to be launched in Egypt in march 2015.The new version will be web based using web and mobile technology fulfilling a lot of the modern lab needs and requirements.

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