Blood Bank Manager

In Blood Bank Management ,Safety Comes First

Blood Bank Manager System has been created to eliminate all of paperwork done in the Blood Bank.The system completely manages donor recruitment, donation management, blood screening and grouping, component preparation and management, transfusion orders, cross match, blood issue, billing and inventory.The system provides a variety of reports made available for analysis and insight.
  • Collection campaigns scheduling.
  • Donor invitations (SMS text messaging, E-mails,…).
  • Mobile sessions / laptops.
  • Donor management.
  • Donation management.
  • Directed and autonomous donation management.
  • Component separation and preparation.
  • Laboratory testing of donors, donated blood and components.
  • Integration with automated screening, grouping and cross matching systems.
  • Inventory management of products.
  • Bed side verification of patient ID and bag ID before transfusion.
  • Transfusion adverse reaction recording.
  • English/Arabic user selectable interface.


  • Unique identification for each blood collection process.
  • Barcode labels for blood bags and samples applied immediately at donation site.
  • Direct interface with blood testing and grouping analyzers to eliminate any potential errors.
  • Automatic periodic check for expired blood products in stock.
  • Barcode check of cross matched bags before dispatch to recipient.

Data Handling Automation

  • Covers all blood bank areas in multiple locations.
  • Utilizes barcode scanning in all data entry and retrieval processes for fast, error free transactions.
  • Interfaces to hospital information system (HIS) to receive blood reservation orders.
  • Direct Interface with blood testing and grouping analyzers.
  • Very few steps to perform any function.

Data Security

  • Full transaction logging to save, computer name, user name, date and time of any performed function.
  • Unbreakable Oracle database.
  • Multiple user access security levels.
  • Automatic periodic backup to secure recovery in case of hardware failures.





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