LDM Mobile Application

LDM mobile application is a great way to build clients loyalty and retention. Now With LDM Mobile application doctors, patient and clients are notified as soon as results are released with the option of online viewing, forwarding or sharing with others.
Laboratories can send specific messages to specific patients with personalized health tips, reminders, greetings and test results.
Be visible to your clients all the time with your latest personalized offers and promotions.

LDM Benefits:
• Stand out from the competition.
• Information, promotions’ and news are right at your clients’ fingertips.
• Send push notification reminders to your clients with their next follow up tests and personalized health tips.
• Send your customized news letters to each client's segment.
• Better service to patients by instant delivery of their results to their mobiles.
• Direct channel to get feedback and complaints from clients.
• Strong backend tools to configure the content seen by clients and continuous updates of provided services, content text, images, links and files.

Added value:
1. Better turnaround time for clinicians and hospitals by instant delivery of their patients’ results.
2. Provide personal communication with your clients by providing many heath index calculators and converters with a specialized Woman’s Health section.
3. Added value to clients by referring to reputable medical references and links of important and useful healthcare sites.
4. Clearly point out your contact numbers, locations on maps and directions to the nearest lab location.
5. Better traffic to your website by linking mobile application content with website.
6. Better traffic to your social media pages and channels
7. Reach out to younger demographics.

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