Connect easily any two or more Healthcare Information Systems

LDM Middleware connects two or more systems that need to work together more easily, more effectively and communicate in different formats.

LDM Middleware is a powerful tool to add advanced technologies to old existing LIS systems installed in many labs.

LDM middleware simultaneously interfaces to the LIS, HIS and outreach applications to the lab instruments /samples from different sources can be put directly on automation or instrumentation/Results received by middleware from the instruments are automatically validated and routed to the appropriate HIS, LIS or outreach application.

  • Analyzers and lab automation connectivity to existing LIS.
  • Interface new or not supported analyzer to LIS by emulating existing or supported ones.
  • Sample tracking service and turnaround time (TAT) reports.
  • Time stamp for all operations.
  • Centralized quality control management workstation for all analyzers.
  • Automatic calculation of ratio and formula results.
  • Connect Easily
  • Automatic delta check evaluation.
  • Centralized auto verification workstation for all analyzers.
  • SMS and alerting service for important critical events.
  • POC (point of care) analyzers interface to LIS.
  • Messaging services, allowing different applications to communicate.
  • Simultaneous integration with multiple LIS, HIS and EMR systems.
  • Critical results delivery to mobile application.





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