Point of Care Manager (PCM)

It helps you cohere to the quality policies

POCT (Point of Care Testing) is the most significant growth area within diagnostics industry.It brings many tests conveniently and immediately to the current patient location.

PCM (Point of Care Manager) helps organize, track and control this growing testing area. PCM system collects patient data, testing results, operators’ data, reagents’ lots data and devices status and ensures that all meet quality requirements.

PCM System is the right choice to ensure:

  • Bidirectional connectivity with LIS / HIS.
  • Manages hospital ADT’s (Admissions, Discharges and Transfers).
  • Creates and manages test orders.
  • Fast results delivery to doctors all over the hospital.
  • Results storage in LIS and patient EMR.
  • Easy Integration with laboratory and hospital environment.
  • Critical results delivery to mobile application.
  • Billing information sent to HIS.
  • An implementation team that works with each hospital to create an individualized plan that meets your unique timeline.
  • Exceptional service and support.
  • Open architecture, which makes it simple to add or exchange device drivers without any downtime.





Mobile phone:


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