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National Technology Completes Universal Health Insurance system in Port Said


National Technology proudly completed the automation of Universal Health Insurance system in Port Said, by applying LDM system in all system labs in the city.

The following was accomplished:
– Establishing a unified digital network to link 23 health units and 6 hospitals, and applying system automation in only 2 months.

– Increasing the capacity of health units affiliated with Universal Health Insurance system in Port Said.

– Training more than 200 medical personnel to use LDM system professionally.

– Integration and linking between labs, hospital information systems (HIS), and electronic medical records (EMR).

The speed and quality of results were highly up-leveled due to our continuous exerted efforts, which led to optimizing hospital operations.

National Technology thanks all the bodies that contributed in completing this national project, which are the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Ministry of Health, and the Universal Health Insurance Authority. We sincerely thank all of them for their great efforts and providing all the required infrastructure and laboratory equipment. We also thank the whole work-team for their unlimited support which contributed to completing the project in unprecedented record time.