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National Technology Develop Zohr Field Lab Management


National Technology is proud to have collaborated with Petroleum Company “Petrobel” in Zohr Field project, which is one of the most important natural gas fields in the Middle East and the world.
NT has designed, implemented, and managed all LIMS operations and quality control procedures in Zohr Field labs. Through applying our LDM system we did the following:
– Control and coordinate the entire planning and operations processes.
– Apply digital transformation for natural gas condensate samples checks, reducing human interaction to the minimum.
– Ensure the gas is meeting the standard criteria in all production and processing stages.
– Ensure the safety of the surrounding environment and that it has zero contaminants resulting from the operation processes.
– Control supply chains and ensure the availability of required materials through specialized materials management systems.
– Coordinate all administrative tasks and control communication channels between the various relevant departments inside and outside Zohr Field.
– Apply complete analysis of the laboratory operations trends to ensure results stability during the stages of operation.
– Improve decision-making by applying data analysis and providing real-time results to monitor performance.
National Technology was chosen among many Egyptian and international companies specialized in laboratory management systems, and National Technology was committed to meeting all the technical and financial requirements for the project. Our team implemented the project in an unprecedented record time, through the application of our state-of-art LDM system.