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Blood Bank Manager (BBM) Blood Bank Manager (BBM)


Blood Bank Manager (BBM)


  • Blood Bank Manager automates the workflow of the blood bank’s processes simultaneously in multiple locations while ensuring the highest safety to patients.
  • Compliant with AABB and WHO standards.
  • Blood Bank Manager uses the ISBT codes and master-data to be the system you can fully trust with your business.





  • Collection campaigns scheduling.
  • Donor invitations (SMS text messaging, E-mails,…).
  • Mobile sessions / laptops.
  • Donor management.
  • Donation management.
  • Directed and autonomous donation management.
  • Component separation and preparation.
  • Laboratory testing of donors donated blood and components.
  • Integration with automated screening, grouping and cross-matching systems.
  • Inventory management of products.
  • Bedside verification of patient ID and bag ID before transfusion.
  • Transfusion adverse reaction recording.
  • English/Arabic user-selectable interface.

Donor and Donation Module:

  • Donor recruitment.
  • Blood drives scheduling, management, and execution.
  • Unique Donor Identification number
  • Donor eligibility check
  • Advanced search function within Donors permanent and temporary deferral lists.
  • Donor encounter management.
  • Volunteer, Directed and Autologous donation management.
  • Apheresis donation.

Blood Processing and Screening Module:

  • Tracking of samples and bags movement from donation to processing areas and during the processing cycle.
  • Direct interface with screening and grouping analyzers.
  • Two step verification of the testing and grouping results.
  • Preset separation methods for easy entry of products into the system.
  • Two step verification before applying the final labels.
  • Manages products’ processing, services, and modifications like filtration, irradiation, pooling, and splitting.

Stock Management:

  • Clear identification of untested, tested, final-product stocks, and to-be-disposed products.
  • Manages quarantine, stock, and to-be-disposed products’ storage areas.
  • Mobile device tool for easy stocktaking.
  • Receive ready-to-use blood products from other donation facilities.
  • Automatic periodic check for near-expired blood products in stock.
  • Returning of issued products according to pre-set validation rules.

Patient and Transfusion Module:

  • Receive blood transfusion orders from Hospital Information Systems “HIS” or through paper-based requests.
  • Manage product preparation and crossmatch worklists.
  • Interface with crossmatch analyzers.
  • Secure blood issuing through double product barcode verification.
  • Bedside recipient ID verification before transfusion.
  • Transfusion process documentation.
  • Post-transfusion management and adverse reactions investigation.

System Management:

  • Informative dashboards for all areas and processes
  • System management suite to manage users, processes, master data, and critical stock levels.
  • Detailed reporting module.


  • HL7 integration with HIS to manage blood orders, preparations, dispatch, and transfusion.
  • Temperature monitoring systems and cold-chain management devices.
  • Weighing scales.
  • ID card readers.

Data Security:

  • Full transaction logging to save computer name, user name, date, and the timestamp of any performed function.
  • Unbreakable Oracle database.
  • Multiple user-access security levels.
  • Automatic periodic backup to secure recovery in case of hardware failure.