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Material Management System Material Management System


Material Management System


Material Management system “MMS” is a complete solution to control day-to-day supply chain operations. Material Management system tracks every item down to its individual units anywhere in the laboratory and covers the complete material life cycle from initial receiving (check-in) to disposal.

To cover all the items, the system tracks them in areas, where traditional ERP/Stock systems cannot reach, such as inside lab-analysis locations, fridges, on board of analyzers, and disposal bins.

Laboratories are under pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs. To do more with fewer resources. Materials costs, mainly reagent, stand for 40-65 % of laboratory operating costs. Optimizing the purchase, stocking, and consumption of all materials has become a vital necessity to sustain and expand operations while exercising cost control. Material Management system can help you achieve these goals with high efficiency & great ease.

  • GS1 standards-compliant.
  • Track all consumables from receiving, storing, and usage to disposal.
  • Automated tracking & stocktaking through MMS sample barcoding system.
  • Real-time inventory monitoring for all locations, such as: stores, sub stores, lab units, and lab fridges – even on board of analyzers.
  • Monitor stock consumption and generate push notifications when a stock is near re-order limit.
  • Forecast required future stock volume based on actual consumption to save big on materials purchasing.
  • Immediate tracking of expired or near expired items’ locations through FIFO method.
  • Open independent system for materials vendors.
  • Ideal for Guaranteed Price per Reportable Result “GPPRR” cases. 
  • Calculating actual vs. planned consumption.
  • Calculating materials cost and updated financial stock value.
  • Optimize the purchasing cycle to minimize stocks and its costs. 
  • Maintain compliance with complete reagent traceability records, including the date received lot number and serial number.
  • Reduction in the overall cost of the materials.
  • Reduce stock outs and the associated time spent filling last-minute requests from nursing.
  • Material Tracking
  • Inventory Storing 
  • Ideal for GPPRR Cases
  • GS1 Standards Compliant   
  • Product Expiry Date Detection